WCM Achievements Jul-Dec 2014

The second semester evaluation of the WomenChangeMakers’ (WCM) program in 2014, shows enlightening and interesting developments across the sites of our Fellows in Brazil & India.

In 2014, the WCM Fellows stepped-up their achievements and are set to continue to do so with their strategies for growth and replication. Moreover,in 2014, WCM saw its first-generation Fellows, selected in 2011, graduate to become WCM Alumni; while its second-generation Fellows will continue and develop their work to address the needs of women and girls, and a third-generation of Fellows will be selected in both India and Brazil.

Alice Freitas, Founder and Executive Director of Rede Asta in Brazil helps to strengthen production groups led by women artisans by providing them access to markets, knowledge, skills and networks.In 2014, Rede Asta increased the number of  production groups by +31% and generated +17% income against 2013. It collaborated with Coca Cola, L’Oréal, L’Occitane and UBS Bank Brazil, via WCM,  amongst other corporate partners and clients, aswell Chanel Foundation continued funding Asta’s growth and Chanel Corp. will be giving technical support on brand development and design. Francesca Versace designed an exclusive pattern for a line of new products made by women artisans sold across Brazil by Rede Asta.
In 2015, Rede Asta will double the number of production groups/artisans working for the program. By 2016, it aims at increasing sales’ volume to reach financial viability.

Safeena Husain, Founder and Executive Director of Educate Girls in India developed a comprehensive model for school reform in one of India’s poorest states and creates community ownership for school reform and girls’ education. In 2014, Educate Girls introduced mobile tracking for schools and villages, which are part of the program. This improves data collection, analysis, monitoring and evaluation and incorporated Creative Learning and Teachings (CLT) to improve learning outcomes in children;By 2018 EG will be present in 15 gender gap districts, impacting 4 million children (cumulative).

Maria Beatriz Kern, Founder and Director of Mulher em Construcao (MEC) in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) has trained over 5,000 low-income and disadvantaged women in Southern Brazil, in construction skills and home repairs. In 2014, MEC enrolled 400 women in last semester’s courses and had a project approved by the Brazil Foundation to train 100 women in construction work in Rio Grande do Sul. In 2015 MEC will receive free legal counselling from Thomson Reuters Foundation, a WCM program partner. In the next 3 years, MEC aims to train 2,000 women per year and help 40% of trained graduates find stable employment in the construction sector, with 28% pursuing entrepreneurial initiatives.

Panmela Castro, Founder and President of Rede Nami Feminista de Arte Urbana in Rio De Janeiro has developed a network of urban female artists that address gender inequality through public art, graffiti campaigns and workshops. In 2014, Rede Nami trained 1,000 teenagers in socially conscious urban art and reached 50 women with a graffiti workshops and exhibited the art-work created during the training. Rede Nami is looking to establish medium- and long- term partnerships instead of raising funds for specific projects.

Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Founder and Executive Director of Bandhan Konnagar in India, aims to alleviate poverty and secure women’s empowerment. Bandhan Konnagar lends muscle to women’s financial advancement through community-based programs targeted at education, health and livelihoods. In 2014, Bandhan Konnagar served 5,880 additional beneficiaries and raised its cumulative beneficiary number to 25,547 poor and marginalized families.
Bandhan Konnagar aims to expand its programs to 10 states covering 2 million households through 5 community development programs

Neelam Chibber, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Industree Foundation (IF) in Bangalore, India. IF works with rural producers in the area of capacity building, design interventions, and provides technical assistance to producer-based enterprises. In 2014, IF
entered a new partnership with Ikea’s Next Generation to bring its impact enterprises into Ikea’s global production chain and was honored by the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry. So far, IF has mobilized over 7,500 artisans in 10 states across India and is hoping to reach 200,000 craftspeople within the next 5 years.

The Womanity Foundation is grateful for the support and dedication it receives from partners and collaborators, who invest time and resources in the WomenChangeMakers Fellowship program. .

The Trafigura Foundation is a valued partner and co-funder of the WomenChangeMakers program in India and Brazil.

Read the complete verison WCM Mid Term report (July to Dec 2014) in English and Portuguese .

WCM Achievements Jul-Dec 2014
The second semester evaluation of the WomenChangeMakers’ (WCM) program in 2014...
Womanity Partners Radio Nisaa and Educate Girls honored by esteemed Schwab and Skoll Foundations.
The Womanity Foundation saw two of its partners receive considerable recognitions...
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