WCM Brazil partners with Latin America’s top award for social entrepreneurs

WomenChangeMakers Brazil partners with Latin America’s top award for social entrepreneurs: Prêmio Empreendedor Social, Folha do São Paulo/Schwab Foundation

Sao Paolo/Geneva (Womanity/WomenChangeMakers), 2 April 2014

The Prêmio Empreendedor Social (Social Entrepreneur Award), run by Folha do São Paulo, Brazil’s most influential newspaper, and supported by the Schwab Foundation, a major actor in social innovation, is considered Latin America’s most significant recognition of social and environmental entrepreneurship. It supports social leaders who head innovative, sustainable initiatives with a positive structural impact on society and public policy. WomenChangeMakers Brazil (WCM Brazil), a program of the Womanity Foundation, has partnered with Folha de São Paulo in this milestone year to bring to it a particular focus on women’s empowerment.


The Award completes its 10th year in Brazil this year. More than 70 social and environmental leaders from all over Brazil have already entered the list of finalists for both awards. “The Social Entrepreneur Award in Brazil is a fantastic way to identify innovators who lead social organizations and deal with issues such as health and education,” says Kenneth Turner, Schwab Foundation’s Senior Manager for Latin America and Africa. 


“Getting to the 10th year of this prize shows how successful this international partnership has been in recognizing the importance of values like ethics, citizenship and activism, which are present in the day to day activities at Folha. We reward Brazilian entrepreneurs who show commitment to social transformation,” says Sérgio Dávila, the Executive Editor of Folha de São Paulo. 


Through this partnership, WomenChangeMakers Brazil will support two Folha Social Entrepreneurship Awards Finalists who are working towards women’s empowerment by offering an Honorary WomenChangeMakers Network Membership. Both winners will receive a package of support, including participation to the Annual WCM Brazil Partners’ meeting; links to WCM’s technical and consulting partners; press coverage; and sponsorship to attend a regional or international event focused on the advancement of women. “We are honoured to play a role in this high-impact alliance by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs who work for women’s progress. The synergies between the actors associated to this project and between the contestants to the Award will strengthen all those involved,” declares Antonella Notari Vischer, executive director of the Womanity Foundation and its WomenChangeMakers’ fellowship. 


Registration for the 2014 Social Entrepreneur Award in Brazil just opened online. Applications will be accepted through April 27th 2014, and the selection process will last through October 2014.


To apply:  folha.com.br/empreendedorsocial 

More information about the Social Entrepreneur Award

The newspaper Folha de São Paulo leads the selection process for the Social Entrepreneur Award, together with the Schwab Foundation, which serves as a advisor in the process. The Folha’s Future Social Entrepreneur Award was launched exclusively by Folha in 2009, and follows international parameters to reward initiatives – such as the creation of a social product, service or technological application – that require visibility and training to increase their impact during the critical early stages. 

Website with instructions and form for applications: folha.com.br/empreendedorsocial 

Twitter: twitter.com/premioempsocial

Facebook: facebook.com/EmpreendedorSocial

For more information: empreendedorsocial@grupofolha.com.br


Partners to the Social Entrepreneur Award

WCM Brazil partners with Latin America’s top award for social entrepreneurs
WomenChangeMakers Brazil partners with Latin America’s top award for social...
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