WomenChangeMakers believes that empowering women and helping them to improve conditions within their community creates lasting social and economic development, at the local level and on a global scale. Therefore, WomenChangeMakers supports outstanding individuals whose projects have the power to generate progress for women. Read more about our program.

Our Vision - A world where all women and men have equal access to education, healthcare, full economic participation and political citizenship in their communities, enabling these communities to thrive.

Our Mission - WomenChangeMakers identifies, supports and connects leading social entrepreneurs addressing women's access to education and healthcare, and economic and political participation. It builds a strategic network of partnerships which will join forces to help its Fellows grow, expand and replicate their project, increase synergies and scale up their impact.

WomenChangeMakers is presently run as a project of the Womanity Foundation, with the aim to become an independent organization in 2010. The WomenChangeMakers’ project was launched in 2009 with a detailed thought and discussion process about its approach, methods and values. The first Fellows to be affiliated to WomenChangeMakers will be identified in 2011.

Yann Borgstedt, a Swiss-based entrepreneur, founded WomenChangeMakers with the firm conviction that to help women to higher social and economic participation is to help their communities develop and succeed. He is assisted by Antonella Notari Vischer, Director of WomenChangeMakers, and by a small team of part-time collaborators, advisors and support staff. Yann Borgstedt’s companies cover the administrative costs for the running of WomenChangeMakers. All donations are devoted to support the social enterprises and the work with the Fellows.

The Trafigura Foundation is a key partner for Womanity’s WomenChangeMakers’ programme. Launched in 2007, the Trafigura Foundation supports sustainable development programmes in more than 30 countries. The Foundation’s vision is a world where people reach their full potential through self-sustaining solutions, of which they can gradually take full ownership. Helping people help themselves through income-generating activities is central to the Foundation’s mandate and its desire to create a sustainable model for corporate philanthropy. www.trafigurafoundation.org

WomenChangeMakers Fellows operate in the following four fields:

  • Economic empowerment
  • Empowering women is about strengthening women’s economic capacity. Women must have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from their community’s economic life.

  • Social and political leadership
  • A crucial component of women’s empowerment is developing and securing equitable representation in both formal and informal decision-making structures. Women leaders must be able to influence their community’s priorities for development.
  • Education and digital inclusion
  • Education is a cornerstone for the advancement of women. Women must have equal access to education and to the use of information and communication technologies.
  • Health and well-being
  • Progress for women is based on their physical and mental well-being. Women must have access to proper nutrition and healthcare.
Since 2012, the Trafigura Foundation has co-funded and been a keystone partner of the WomenChangeMakers Programme. The Foundation has been a guiding force for the initiative, helping to identify, support and connect our Fellows in order to scale-up and empower more women in their communities.
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